Genesis Adds GRX 295 to Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool Line

Genesis Adds GRX 295 to Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool Line

Yellow Genesis GRX 295 with open jaw facing left.
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Monday, December 7, 2020

Genesis Attachments announces the new GRX 295, the second model in the award-winning Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool line.

Featuring jaw change-outs in two minutes or less with the excavator operator staying in the cab, the GRX 295 is available with shear, cracker or pulverizer jaws. Jaw openings range from 20 inches for the shear jaw to 38 inches for the cracker and pulverizer. Jaw depths are 20, 32 and 30 inches for the shear, cracker and pulverizer jaws respectively.

The 295 Razer X is designed for 66,000-pound minimum excavator weight, versus the 395 Razer X, which is designed for 90,000-pound minimum excavator weight.

The GRX's short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket shortens the center of gravity, making it easy to change mounting for different carriers. The heavy-duty pivot design is integral to the jaw set, providing a power curve to match each jaw’s primary application and versatility for concrete and structural steel recycling, C & D processing, and general and bridge demolition.

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