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GXT Blog Post

GXT Mobile Shear Daily Maintenance Checklist

Performing scheduled maintenance will promote safe, reliable operation of your mobile shear. Inspect and grease components as indicated in the following checklists.


Every four hours, perform a brief visual check for hydraulic leaks, blade damage, loose or missing bolts, and cylinder pin keepers on your mobile shear. A more thorough inspection, to be performed at the end of each shift, is described below on the eight-hour checklist.


  • Shear cylinder - end of pin
  • Shear cylinder rod
  • AutoGuide at fitting and smear grease on contact surface of upper jaw
  • Main shaft/pivot, both sides

Grease all locations until grease extrusion is visible with jaw open and closed



  • Bolts - check for loose bolts, replace if damaged
  • Fittings and hoses for damage or leaks
  • Bracket pivot for wear and pin retainers
  • Cylinder pivot for wear and pin retainers
  • Entire shear for cracks (visual check)


  • Bracket pivot
  • Bracket cylinder
  • Bearing slewing - four locations
  • All points listed in 4-hour checklist

Grease all locations until grease extrusion is visible.

Jaws and Blades:

  • Check blade gaps
  • Check blade edge radiuses
  • Check for loose or damaged bolts, retorquing loose bolts when cool
  • Check AutoGuide, shim to tolerance and replace when shims exceed 0.100”
  • Build-up and hard-surface as required
  • Grind off any rolled-over or mushroomed blade edges
  • Shear Jaw Armor™ - build-up and hard-surface as needed