GCG Cyclone Grinder

GCG Cyclone Grinder

Yellow Genesis Cyclone Grinder facing right.

GCG Cyclone Grinder

The GCG Cyclone Grinder is a drum cutter that features design advancements for cutting rock and concrete, scaling, trenching and more.


  • Two-hose system for easy installation, no case drain line required
  • Soft start system and protective valving protect hydraulic motor
  • Heavy-duty bearings and seals withstand harsh applications
  • Optimized pick pattern for smooth and powerful operation
Watch the GCG 40 easily trench through rock.
Watch the GCG 40 easily trench through rock.
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ModelWeight (lbs.)Drive TypeInput Power (hp)Output Shaft Torque (at 5075 psi) (ft-lb)Drum Diameter (ins.)Drum Width (ins.)Number of PicksMaximum Oil Flow (gpm)Optimum Oil Flow (gpm)Maximum Pressure (psi)Working Pressure Range (psi)Excavator Weight (lbs.)
GCG 2145Chain13805*1112461583,260725 - 3,2601,400 - 5,000
GCG 5400Gear293,25713163217115,8002,600 - 5,8005,000 - 12,000
GCG 8442Gear593,45413163226225,8002,600 - 5,80010,000 - 20,000
GCG 10938Direct393,07817295630165,8002,600 - 5,80016,000 - 24,000
GCG 151,311Direct559,44519336435325,8002,600 - 5,80024,000 - 36,000
GCG 202,577Direct9411,50625426485585,8002,600 - 5,80036,000 - 50,000
GCG 303,188Direct14717,178274660120855,8002,600 - 5,80052,000 - 76,000
GCG 403,664Gear18829,742273354140955,8002,600 - 5,80060,000 - 100,000
GCG 505,420Gear18827,898294156140955,8002,600 - 5,80084,000 - 100,000
GCG 605,463Gear29534,6582941561801425,8002,600 - 5,800100,000 - 130,000
GCG 12511,965Gear536100,8523659762652105,8002,600 - 5,800130,000 - 250,000

* at 3263 psi / 225 bar

The GCG Cyclone rock and concrete grinder brings new technology to the demolition, excavation and trenching, tunneling/mining and concrete grinding industries. Operating with minimal noise and vibration, this drum cutter is more effective than hydraulic breakers in some applications.


Featuring design advancements over traditional grinders, the GCG's two-hose hydraulic system eliminates the need for a case drain line and simplifies installation. The soft start system and protective valving protect the motor from over-pressure, over-heating and misuse.


Requiring minimal maintenance, the Genesis Cyclone rock and concrete grinder features heavy-duty bearings and seals to withstand harsh applications.


The GCG's optimized pick patterns provide smooth and powerful operation while lower vibrations reduce machine and operator fatigue. Additionally, the Cyclone concrete processor can be used in noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighborhoods.


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