LXP<sup>®</sup> with Pulverizer Jaw

LXP<sup>®</sup> with Pulverizer Jaw

Genesis LXP with Pulverizer Jaw attachment with open jaws facing left.

LXP® with Pulverizer Jaw

  • Tooth profile maximizes crushing force, pulverizing concrete from rebar like no other processor
  • Patented pivot geometry creates peak power when jaws are fully open, where it's most needed to crush concrete
  • Bolt-on tooth bed features a fully replaceable crushing surface, eliminating the need for welding
  • Jaw change-outs in 15 minutes with the coupler style connection system, hydraulically activated lock pin, jaws that stay intact and a stand with every jaw set - safe, easy and fast
  • Each jaw's pivot group stays intact, allowing the use of a press fit design for a stronger, more durable product
Watch the Genesis LXP with Pulverizer Jaws on a demolition site.
Watch the Genesis LXP with Pulverizer Jaws on a demolition site.
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ModelWeight* (lbs.)Jaw Opening (ins.)Jaw Depth (ins.)Reach** (ft. ins.)Min. Excavator Weight Boom Mount (lbs.)Min. Excavator Weight Stick Mount (lbs.)
LXP 200 Shear5,37017198' 0"20,00045,000
LXP 200 CC5,65038288' 0"20,00045,000
LXP 200 CP5,67029248' 0"20,00045,000
LXP 300 Shear7,60022248' 6"45,00070,000
LXP 300 CC7,56043308' 6"45,00070,000
LXP 300 CP7,27035268' 6"45,00070,000
LXP 400 Shear11,06524279' 6"60,000100,000
LXP 400 CC11,1454733.59' 6"60,000100,000
LXP 400 CP11,25538309' 6"60,000100,000
LXP 500 Shear12,90527289' 11"70,000120,000
LXP 500 CC12,7155134.59' 11"70,000120,000
LXP 500 CP12,20543319' 11"70,000120,000
LXP 800 Shear17,500403511' 8"90,000150,000
LXP 800 CC17,600715011' 8"90,000150,000
LXP 800 CP17,720613911' 8"90,000150,000

*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Distance is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward.
Genesis Logix Processors are covered by a 12-month, 1,500-hour (whichever occurs first) warranty.

This demolition pulverizer and concrete processor from Genesis Attachments, the LXP® with Pulverizer Jaw, is designed for concrete processing, bridge demolition, rebar removal and secondary demolition projects.


The LXP pulverizer jaws feature:

  • Extended wear-plates that aid in positioning concrete for quick and easy processing
  • A bolt-on tooth bed that features a fully replaceable concrete crusher surface, eliminating the need for welding
  • Patented pivot geometry that creates peak power when the jaws are fully open, where it's most needed to crush concrete

The Genesis LXP features an industry-leading quick-change jaw design to provide powerful multiprocessor capabilities. With demolition pulverizer, concrete cracker and shear jaws that change-out in 15 minutes and a design that maximizes each jaw's power curve, the LXP can be configured to meet any jobsite need.

In addition, the LXP provides the fastest possible cycle times with its proprietary regeneration valve and fits 20,000 lb. to 150,000 lb. excavators.

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