Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Warranty Claim Procedure

Notify the Genesis Attachments Service Department of the potential warranty claim prior to making the repair. Digital pictures are very helpful for diagnosing problems and recommending repairs.

The Genesis Service Department will issue an authorization number to track the repair costs, outgoing parts and/or defective parts returning to the factory.

Replacement parts must be ordered using a purchase order number.

When the repair is complete, submit an invoice to the Genesis Service Department via fax or mail within 30 days. Include itemized internal labor reporting, parts lists and invoices for outside contractors. Reference the authorization number on all invoices.

When returning parts for warranty consideration, include a copy of any related Genesis paperwork along with any other necessary documentation to ensure proper processing and credit. The Genesis Service Department will provide necessary forms.

All work must have prior authorization by Genesis. A detailed repair estimate may be required. These are some of the items that may be required: detailed repair estimate, consultation with your maintenance provider, oil samples, seals and gaskets. All components removed and replaced under warranty authorization become the express property of Genesis unless otherwise authorized in writing by Genesis, and it is expected that the customer will take reasonable steps to protect such property rights.

Your account will be credited when a warranty claim is accepted.

Please direct any questions to the Genesis Service Department.

Tim Alseth

Service Manager

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