Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw

Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw

Genesis Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw with open jaw facing left.

Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw

  • Jaw change outs in 10 minutes with the coupler style connection system and jaws that stay intact – safe, easy and fast
  • The innovative bracket system accommodates a skid steer quick plate or a mini-excavator lug plate – change over in 10 minutes
  • Electric over hydraulic system allows simultaneous jaw open or close and rotation with one hydraulic circuit (common in skid steers)
  • Patented pivot geometry creates peak power for piercing and cutting
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JawsWeight* (lbs.)Jaw Opening (ins.)Jaw Depth (ins.)Reach** with Jaws Installed (ft. ins.)Min. Excavator Weight Boom Mount (lbs.)Min. Excavator Weight Stick Mount (lbs.)Min. Skid Steer Weight (lbs.)
Shear1,37511.511.55' 6"12,00016,0007,000
Cracker1,38514.5135' 8"12,00016,0007,000
Grapple1,4203215.55' 11"12,00016,0007,000
Wire Cutter1,24510.511.55' 9"12,00016,0007,000

*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Distance is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward.
The GVP 07 body and jaws are available in black only.
The stability of each lift class varies between OEM skid steer and mini excavator models. Please consult with your Genesis salesperson for recommended carrier models.
Control packages are available for carriers less equipped.
The Genesis Versi Pro 07 is covered by a 12-month, 1,500-hour (whichever occurs first) warranty.

This scrap shear and demolition shear from Genesis Attachments, the Genesis Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw, features a modular design and quick-change jaw sets that enable contractors in a broad range of applications to get bigger results from their smaller machines.  This demolition attachment is designed for interior demolition, scrap processing, and on-site material processing and handling, all with one versatile tool.


The GVP 07 accepts shear, cracker, grapple and wire cutter jaw sets and is ideal for jobs in which a small and mobile machine is needed. Use as a skid steer metal shear when needed and then easily and safely change out jaw sets in 10 minutes or less. With an integral pivot group, each jaw set is engineered to provide peak power for its designed function. And with proven Genesis bolt-on wear parts, piercing tips are replaced on-site in minutes.

With the GVP 07 scrap shear, 360-degree rotation is standard, and our field-proven proprietary speed valve and large cylinder regenerate up to 33% faster than standard hydraulic systems for faster cycle times, more cuts per hour and more material processed.

For additional product, application or service information, call us at 1-888-SHEAR-IT.

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