XP Mobile Shear - GXP

XP Mobile Shear - GXP

GXP (Genesis XP Mobile Shear) with open jaw facing right.
GXP (Genesis XP Mobile Shear) with open jaw facing left.

XP Mobile Shear - GXP

  • Patented bolt-on piercing tip is replaced in minutes without grinding or welding
  • Four way indexing guide blades, razor blade and primary blades provide four useable cutting edges
  • Enclosed structure adds strength and rigidity while protecting the cylinder
  • Mount second- and third-member to most excavators; boom tip mount on most material handlers
Watch the GXP (Genesis XP Mobile Shear) take down a NASA building.
Watch the GXP (Genesis XP Mobile Shear) take down a NASA building.
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ModelWeight* (lbs.)Jaw Opening (ins.)Jaw Depth (ins.)Reach** (ft. ins.)Min. Excavator Weight
Boom Mount (lbs.)
Min. Excavator Weight
Stick Mount (lbs.)
GXP 200***5,00018175' 10"25,00040,000
GXP 200R***5,50018178' 9"30,00045,000
GXP 300***7,70023247' 0"36,00050,000
GXP 300R***8,100232410' 2"45,00068,000
GXP 4008,80028298' 0"45,00075,000
GXP 400R11,000282911' 7"55,00090,000
GXP 440 MAXX11,40028298' 9"50,00080,000
GXP 440R MAXX13,000282912' 2"60,000100,000
GXP 50012,05032329' 1"55,00098,000
GXP 500R13,350323212' 5"67,000110,000
GXP 660 MAXX13,700323210' 0"60,000100,000
GXP 660R MAXX15,500323213' 6"75,000120,000
GXP 70013,800353510' 0"70,000110,000
GXP 700R17,000353513' 10"90,000135,000
GXP 990 MAXX15,500353510' 7"88,000135,000
GXP 990R MAXX18,500353515' 0"100,000170,000
GXP 100015,000383810' 9"90,000140,000
GXP 1000R18,000383815' 1"100,000170,000
GXP 120020,700424211' 0"110,000170,000
GXP 1200R26,300424215' 11"130,000250,000
GXP 150023,700444411' 6"120,000190,000
GXP 1500R29,500444416' 5"160,000250,000
GXP 250046,000464814' 7"200,000280,000
GXP 2500R54,000464821' 9"240,000360,000

*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Distance is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward.
***GXP 200 and 300 series shears offer a single guide blade system.
GXP MAXX models deliver extra shear power for heavy-duty processing.
Extended reach brackets are available on all non-rotating shears.
Genesis GXP shears are covered by a 12-month, 1,500-hour (whichever occurs first) warranty.

This Genesis mobile shear, the GXP, delivers the power and performance you need for increased reliability, uptime and profit. And with a wide range of models, Genesis Attachments XP mobile shears mount second- and third-member to most excavators and to the boom tip of most material handlers.


The GXP mobile shear is a demolition attachment that offers unparalleled quality and design, including:

  • A proprietary regeneration valve that improves cycle time by up to 33% compared to standard hydraulic systems
  • An exclusive dual guide blade system that accommodates heat expansion at the tip
  • A shrouded heavy-duty pivot design that provides structural strength and long-term durability

As well as an array of benefits known as the X-factors:

  • Xtra Power - Our large-bore, long-stroke cylinder provides power increases at the apex, throat and piercing tip
  • Xtra Performance - All cutting blades are four-way indexable with four useable cutting edges. The four-way indexable guide blade is tapped and threaded for easy removal.
  • Xtra Processing - Reduced maintenance with the Genesis auto-lube system, coupled with fast cycle times from the field-proven regeneration (speed) valve, yield more cuts per hour, more tons processed and lower costs per ton
  • Xtra Profit - Added power, fast cycle times and increased uptime increase processing efficiency and your bottom-line

For additional product, application or service information, call us at 1-888-SHEAR-IT.