Mobile Shears

Mobile Shears

What are Mobile Shears?

Mobile shears are attachments that mount onto hydraulic excavators. Types of mobile shears include scrap shears, demolition shears, subsea shears, and rail breakers. Mobile shears have upper and lower jaws with cutting blades that are designed to process materials such as steel, rebar, aluminum, copper and wire.

Genesis mobile shears are commonly used in scrap processing and recycling, demolition, and construction and demolition material recycling applications. Subsea shears are designed for underwater pipe cutting and platform decommissioning, while rail breakers process 136 pound and smaller low chrome rail.

Key Features

Important considerations when selecting mobile shears are:

  • The excavator onto which it will be mounted
  • If it will be second- or third-member mounted
  • The type and amount of material that will be processed
  • Jaw opening and depth
  • Attachment reach
  • Attachment weight
  • If rotation is required
  • Max cutting force
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Jaw geometry that reduces ground contact wear

Global Mobile Shears Manufacturer

One of the leaders in mobile shears is Genesis Attachments. Genesis manufactures shears in a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of excavators and applications. Durable and proven designs enable operators to minimize downtime and increase productivity.  

To learn more about Genesis mobile shear models and product specifications, visit our shears product finder category.